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Letter from our firm

Coronavirus—Protecting you and our staff

On Monday, March 16th, most of our local towns temporarily closed the schools in an attempt to limit the spread of Coronavirus. Realistically, for all of us, this is a signal that we have to be more cautious and thoughtful for the welfare of all of our clients and staff. As of this morning, tax returns are still due on April 15th, however Congress and the Treasury Department are considering delaying the due date in response to this global crisis. We will keep you informed of changes as soon as we are aware of them.

How we are prepared for this challenge

We've long been advocates of using the latest technology to be as efficient as possible and as service oriented as we can be. As a result, we are equipped to work with all of our clients remotely, using state of the art apps and programs like Zoom, Liscio, QuickBooks Online, and 3rd party hosting. Internally we have moved all of our computer processes to the cloud and we are equipped to work from anywhere at any time.

We are continuing to work on filing your returns as well as keeping our business clients up to date. With flexibility and patience, we can make sure that filing your taxes on time and supporting your business operations continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

For many of our clients, there is no change as we use these tools everyday.

Temporarily, we are reducing face to face meetings and will use Zoom meetings instead. We will use e-signatures delivered via Liscio instead of hand signing in the office.

We have been using these procedures as part of our normal processes anyway, so in many respects we are open for business as usual!

Let us know if you have questions or concerns navigating our platforms. We wish you all good health through this crisis.